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American Heritage Roofing Denver CO - RooferInsurance Claim: If you believe that your home has been damaged by a weather-related event such as wind or hail, it is very important for you to be represented by a company that is experienced in the insurance claims recovery process. Most homeowners have never had to file this type of claim with their insurance company. As a result, it can be difficult to understand the scope of work and disbursement of funds to cover the cost of repair or replacement. American Heritage Restoration representatives offer in-depth knowledge of the insurance claims recovery process. We provide Comprehensive Claims Management Assistance and will help you in understanding this process. Our goal is for you, the homeowner to feel confident that you have made and educated decision in respect to you insurance claim.

Hail Damage for RoofsHail stones do not have to be baseball size to cause major damage. A hail stone even smaller the size of a golf ball can cause extensive damage. It is best to call American Heritage after a storm for a no cost inspection even if it appears there is no damage from ground level.